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The Ultimate Guide to Todos Santos, Mexico

Welcome to Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Todos Santos, Mexico, is a charming coastal town located near the southern tip of Baja California Sur. Known for its rich cultural heritage, artistic community, and breathtaking natural beauty, it’s a destination that appeals to travelers seeking a blend of tradition and modernity. From the stunning Pacific Ocean beaches to the vibrant art galleries, Todos Santos offers a unique blend of experiences. Surfing, hiking, and bird watching attract outdoor enthusiasts, while food lovers can indulge in fresh seafood and traditional Mexican cuisine. A focus on sustainability and community values makes Todos Santos a welcoming place for residents and visitors alike, offering a taste of authentic Mexico in a serene and picturesque setting.

The Rich History of Todos Santos

Todos Santos boasts a rich and diverse history, shaped by indigenous peoples, Spanish colonizers, missionaries, and contemporary artists. Its unique blend of cultures and influences has shaped the town into a cultural melting pot, where tradition and modernity coexist in harmony.

Indigenous Heritage

The indigenous Pericú people were the original inhabitants of the area. They lived by fishing, hunting, and gathering. The town’s natural resources played a crucial role in shaping their lifestyle and traditions, which can still be observed in local crafts and customs.

Colonial Era and the Mission of Santa Rosa

The Spanish colonizers arrived in Todos Santos in the early 18th century. The Mission of Santa Rosa, founded in 1723, became a symbol of the town’s cultural blend. Its architecture and historical significance still draw visitors to this day, offering insights into the colonial period of Baja California Sur.

Growth and Modern Era

The growth of Todos Santos from a small mission village to a vibrant town has been marked by key milestones. Its transformation into an artistic hub began in the 1980s when artists and creatives discovered its charm. This led to a thriving art scene, further supported by tourism development and investments in infrastructure.

Sonrisa de la Muerte

La Sonrisa de la Muerte is a local art gallery in Todos Santos, Mexico.

Art Galleries and Cultural Venues

Todos Santos is a haven for art enthusiasts. From traditional Mexican art to contemporary works, the town’s galleries and cultural centers provide a wide array of artistic expressions, reflecting its rich cultural diversity.

Galería de Todos Santos

Galería de Todos Santos is a landmark in the art scene, hosting a collection of works by both local and international artists. Whether you are an art collector or a casual observer, the gallery offers a unique window into the creativity that flourishes in Todos Santos.  Other galleries include La Sonrisa de la Muerte, Galeria Gabo, Galeria Indigo, Posada La Poza, Mangos, and many more.

Profesor Néstor Agúndez Martínez Cultural Center

The Profesor Néstor Agúndez Martínez Cultural Center serves as a multipurpose space for cultural events, exhibitions, and educational programs. Its commitment to preserving and promoting local culture makes it a vital part of the community’s identity.

Art Walks and Festivals

Exploring the town’s art walks and festivals provides a firsthand experience of its vibrant cultural scene. Events such as the Todos Santos Art Festival and the weekly Art Walk in the Historic District celebrate the local artistic community, creating opportunities for interaction and discovery.

Tiki Bar, Todos Santos, Mexico

Stop by Tiki Santo’s Bar for delicious food and drinks.  Ask about their top shelf Mezcal offerings!

Restaurants & Bars in Todos Santos

Todos Santos offers a culinary journey that reflects its multicultural heritage. From the freshest seafood to traditional Mexican dishes, the town’s food scene is both diverse and delectable.

Coffee Shops

Start your morning right in Todos Santos with fresh coffee and pastries.  Two of the favorite local spots are Las Tunas and Taller 17.  Delicious coffee and delicous bites to eat.

Seafood Delights

Being a coastal town, Todos Santos takes pride in its seafood offerings. Restaurants serve local specialties such as “chocolate clams,” grilled fish, and shrimp tacos, all prepared with fresh catches from the Pacific.

Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Traditional Mexican flavors are celebrated in restaurants like Café Santa Fe, offering authentic dishes like mole poblano, chiles en nogada, and handmade tortillas. These establishments not only provide delicious meals but also contribute to preserving and promoting Mexican culinary traditions.

Local Markets and Street Food

For those seeking a more casual dining experience, the local markets and street food vendors provide an array of flavors. From fresh ceviche to spicy tacos, exploring the street food scene in Todos Santos is a culinary adventure in itself.


There are several popular bars in Todos Santos with one of the local hotspots being Tiki Santo’s Bar.  Lots of good drinks with the local specialty being anything with Mezcal.

If you are looking for a more beer-themed bar, then check out Bajavaria which serves a wide variety of german beers. 

Beach Waves, Todos Santos, Mexico

Enjoy ocean views and miles of secluded beaches.

Outdoor Activities and Nature Exploration

Todos Santos offers a wide array of outdoor activities that cater to adventurers and nature lovers alike. From surfing and hiking to bird watching, the natural beauty of the region provides endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Surfing at Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Surf Beach is one of the most popular surfing spots near Todos Santos. Known for its consistent waves, it attracts surfers of all skill levels. Surf schools and rental shops on the beach make it accessible for both locals and tourists to ride the waves.

Hiking Trails

The surrounding landscape of Todos Santos offers various hiking trails that lead to breathtaking views. Trails such as the Punto Verde offer scenic routes through unique desert landscapes, overlooking the stunning Pacific Ocean.

Snorkeling and Whale Watching

With its diverse ecosystems, Todos Santos is a haven for open water enthusiasts. Guided whale watching tours by Las Sirena Eco Adventures provide opportunities to observe whales, turtles and more in their natural habitat.

Shakti, Todos Santos, Mexico

Local Economy and Key Industries

Todos Santos has experienced growth in various key industries that sustain the local economy. Its development has been mindful of environmental sustainability, preserving the natural charm that defines the town.


Tourism is the cornerstone of the local economy, with Todos Santos attracting visitors from around the globe. Its blend of natural beauty, art, culture, and culinary richness makes it a sought-after destination. Efforts have been made to ensure responsible tourism, respecting local culture and environment.

Agriculture and Fishing

Agriculture and fishing have deep roots in Todos Santos. Local farms produce organic fruits and vegetables, while local fishermen bring in daily catches, sustaining both local restaurants and markets.

Art and Craftsmanship

The town’s thriving art scene extends into craftsmanship, with artists and artisans creating unique pieces. Shops like Taller de Terreno showcase traditional pottery, textiles, and handcrafted jewelry, celebrating local heritage and creativity..

Todos Santos, Mexico

Enjoy the colorful bougainvillea all around Todos Santos, Mexico.

Safety and Community Values

Safety and community cohesion are integral to the quality of life in Todos Santos. The town’s focus on community engagement and collaboration ensures a welcoming environment for both residents and visitors.

Community Policing and Safety

Local law enforcement, in collaboration with community leaders, ensures the safety of Todos Santos. Regular patrols and community policing efforts have helped build trust and security throughout the town.

Community Engagement and Local Initiatives

Community centers, schools, and local NGOs actively engage in social and educational initiatives. Programs through the Palapa Society of Todos Santos offer educational opportunities and community development, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are celebrated through various practices in Todos Santos. From yoga retreats at Tribu Todos Santos to wellness spas, the town’s holistic approach to well-being is evident in daily life.

Todos Santos, Mexico

So much to see and do in beautiful Todos Santos.

Visit Todos Santos!

Todos Santos embodies a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, vibrant arts, and diverse culinary offerings. Whether you are drawn to its stunning landscapes, creative arts scene, or delectable food specialties, Todos Santos has something for everyone. Embracing sustainability, community values, and safety, it invites you to explore and engage with the magic that defines this remarkable town.


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