Tribu Todos Santos Hotel and Yoga Retreat, Todos Santos, Mexico


Meet Our Dedicated Team: Passionate Souls Committed to Your Retreat Experience


Brenda, Tribu Todos Santos’s spirited manager, is the driving force behind the sanctuary’s enchanting atmosphere and renowned hospitality. She radiates passion for Tribu’s serene ambiance, bespoke service, and exceptional culinary offerings, essential elements that define the Tribu experience. Brenda extends a heartfelt invitation for guests to immerse themselves in Tribu’s charm, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, open-mindedness, and a dedication to personalized service. To book a Tribu experience, guests can contact Brenda directly and anticipate falling in love with the place, its vibe, its people, and its cuisine.


Fernanda is enchanted by the ocean view and serene energy of Tribu. She believes in the power of teamwork to elevate Tribu’s essence. With each day bringing new challenges and personalities, Fernanda excels in organizing and ensuring everything aligns seamlessly. While some requests may be peculiar, Tribu’s secluded charm sets it apart, making every moment worth experiencing. Fernanda wholeheartedly recommends anyone seeking a different hospitality experience to join the Tribu family, where the journey is as remarkable as the destination.

Doña Miria

Doña Miria is a vital part of the culinary team, where her skill contributes to the excellence of every dish. With six months of dedication to the Tribe, she enjoys the tranquil atmosphere and feels completely at home. Miria is eager to continue contributing and recommending the delicious flavors that characterize her work.

Don José

Don José has been a dedicated member of the Tribu family for 11 years, having been a part of the hotel since its inception. As a gardener and maintenance worker, he takes pride in his work, ensuring that every corner of the hotel is immaculate. Don José cherishes the tranquility and harmony of Tribu, fostering positive relationships with his colleagues and reveling in the serenity of nature. He offers the advice to cherish the unique experiences of Tribu, as what happens here, stays here.

Don Roger

Don Roger has been collaborating with Tribu for a year, and he finds the experience formidable. Guests often praise the delicious food, which he attributes to the team’s dedication. His favorite dish to serve is the Mexican feast, featuring various Mexican delicacies like fajitas, stuffed peppers, mole, beans, and rice. Don Roger especially appreciates the stunning view at Tribu, despite jokingly remarking about its difficulty to work with such a distracting backdrop. He invites everyone to visit and experience the “Tribu life,” where they’ll leave with full bellies, happy hearts, and great reviews.

Doña Olivia

Doña Olivia has been an integral part of the Tribu family for a year and two months, relishing every moment in this picturesque paradise. Embracing roles as both a meticulous housekeeper and occasional kitchen hand, she finds joy in the varied tasks. While acknowledging the occasional hurdles, she values the camaraderie and problem-solving spirit among the team. With anticipation for the upcoming hotel renovations, Doña Olivia eagerly looks forward to contributing to the transformation, ensuring that every detail reflects the beauty of Tribu.

Doña Sandra

Doña Sandra has been an esteemed member of the Tribu family for nine years, and she holds a pivotal role in crafting the exquisite meals that all Tribu guests rave about. Her culinary expertise, combined with her dedication to cooking with love and a smile, ensures that every meal at Tribu is a memorable experience. Doña Sandra loves hearing the positive feedback and kind words from Tribu’s guests and invites them to continue enjoying the rich flavors she helps create.


Mariana brings her radiant energy and love for baking to Tribu. Inspired by her sister-in-law’s recommendation, she embarked on this journey to unleash her culinary talents, finding a perfect fit in Tribu’s kitchen. With Chef Sandra and Chef Roger as her mentors, Mariana has not only mastered delights like avocado pie and cookies but also found a sense of belonging and camaraderie in the kitchen. Grateful for their guidance and the warm welcome from the Tribu family, Mariana cherishes every moment spent crafting delicious treats and exploring the breathtaking views and unique offerings that make Tribu a haven for retreat leaders and visitors.

Dayana and Esmeralda

Introducing Dayana and Esmeralda, the dynamic sister duo at Tribu! Their camaraderie and enthusiasm adds an extra spark to the team. Dayana values the educational support Tribu offers, while Esmeralda appreciates the flexibility to balance work and family. Both sisters agree that everyone should experience a yoga retreat at Tribu at least once, because they are that amazing!
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